TUFF 7mm Leather Weight Lifting Belt


The TUFF 7mm Leather Weight Lifting Belt is our version of the absolute classic weight lifting belt that everyone has used at one point in their fitness journey.

Manufactured from 7mm thick genuine leather, the belt has a 2 1/4" band that extends to 4" at the back, just where the belt meets your lower back.  The double prong buckle provides great flexibility and ease of adjustment during your session, be it in a hoodie or vest the belt can be adjusted quickly to a suitable size.

Finished off with an embossed TUFF logo on the back and all black metal work throughout for a stealth classic look.

The TUFF 7mm Leather Weight Lifting Belt is absolutely perfect for almost all forms of weight lifting and exercises, while proving very popular with body builders.  A great entry level belt that provides great support without being too uncomfortable like some 4" belts.

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