TUFF-X Compression Weight Belt

£44.99 £59.99

The TUFF-X Neoprene Compression Belt is one of the most versatile belts on the market.  Taking all our knowledge from belts previously designed and worn by not only our pro strongman competitors but also our IFBB Pro athletes.  

As a belt on its own, the neoprene layer helps generate warmth to the lower back region, an area that we all look to protect while training.  To this we added plastic "bones" which offer good support but don't feel as rigid as some of the thicker leather belts.  On top of this we added a stiff elastic corset style fastening that can pull the belt in tighter if required making it incredibly functional for all disciplines.

If more support is required, specially for some strongman events like big deadlifts or heavy yoke frame carries, we designed in belt loops suitable of taking any 4" power belt on top.

If you are looking for a super universal belt offering great support for static and moving exercises then look no further than the TUFF-X Compression Weight Belt.

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