Villain Liquid Chalk


Villain liquid chalk is designed to be an easy to use solution for adding extra grip for your hands.  The liquid chalk is added as a layer to your hands and allows you to grip gym equipment (or objects) with confidence.  The Chalk will not rub off with sweat and because of its liquid form it is not wasted like regular chalk when trying to apply it.  A much tidier solution!

Villain chalk is especially good for movements requiring grip strength like deadlifting, pull up, bent over rows.  It is also very effective when you are performing strongman events like farmers walks and frame carrying.

How to use Villain liquid chalk

  • Make sure hands are clean
  • Shake bottle extremely well
  • Apply a small amount to one of your palms
  • Rub hands together to achieve an even coating
  • Allow chalk to dry for several seconds
  • Time to train!

* Villain Liquid Chalk is non-refundable.

* Villain Liquid Chalk must be shaken well every time before use.

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